3D Printing Service

Dear 3D printing fans!

We offer custom 3D printing services, every order is calculated within one day and thanks to our spacious print farm in Vienna, all orders can be delivered or picked up shortly. For small print quantities, even a 1-day delivery is possible.


Just write us your idea and we will be happy to contact you,


As information it should be noted here that you need either an STL or OBJ file for 3D printing, if you cannot find a suitable one, we can recommend the platform www.Thingiverse.com or simply ask us. Own designs can also be requested, but please write that you don't have any suitable 3D data yet. We print both high-resolution resin and functional PLA, TPU, ABS, etc.

How to get a 3D Print? Infosheet
3D Printing info sheet englisch .pdf
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Wie bekomme ich einen 3D Druck? Info Blatt
3D Printing info sheet Deutsch .pdf
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3D Calibration Settings

Creality Ender 3 S1
perfect calibration Creality Ender 3 S1.
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